Partners in Research

Dr. Marie Karlsson,, a Swedish psychologist and graduate of the UA clinical program, and Dr. Melissa Zielinski,, an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, collaborate with the DREAM lab on treatment outcome research for women who have experienced sexual violence victimization.

Laboratory for Anxiety and Substance Abuse Research. Under the direction of Dr. Lindsay Ham, the LASAR Lab and the DREAM lab conduct research examining how alcohol intoxication affects perceptions of social situations.

Culture, Cognition, and Alcohol Team. Under the direction of Dr. Byron Zamboanga, the CCAT lab and the DREAM lab collaborate on projects examining acculturation and health behaviors.

Current Studies

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Integrated Behavioral Health Care to Reduce Health Disparities

Group-based exposure therapy for sexual violence victimization

Microaggressions, Discrimination, and Psychological Well-being

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Updated: September 2019